Friday, July 27, 2007

Open the Podcast bay doors, Hal.

Podcasting is one of the newer aspects of the web (well, new to many; the capability has been around a couple of years, but it's only starting to become mainstream) and we're getting a lot of questions about it.

There is a minor issue of definition. Podcasting involves creating a media file, making it available on the Internet, and notifying people that it is available (usually through an RSS feed). Sometimes people call the media file the podcast. In a sense, it is, but it only becomes real podcasting when the RSS feed is created. It sort of like the difference between a CD and broadcasting the CD on the radio: the media file is the CD.

We've set up a few podcasts, including one of our Technology Presentation for Freshman Orientation.

In addition, we're working on ways to make it easier for faculty to use this tool. We can advise on software and equipment and suggest ways to integrate audiovisual elements into teaching.