Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We're baack!

The holiday break is over at Siena, and we're back to work.

It went pretty well. Nothing crashed (at least, not too badly) and few calls/e-mails to the helpdesk. Now, I&TS has a little time to get ready for the Spring term.

We're taking the weeks between classes to upgrade some of the computers in the labs. We've started in Hines 116; computers there now have upgraded memory, LCD monitors, and new desks (for some). Here's what they look like:

A few new things about the setup:

  • The keyboard and mouse are in a drawer.
  • The monitor is recessed to give you a full desktop to work on.
  • There's a cable to plug in your USB device like a flash drive. No need to crawl around underneath.
  • There's also a cable for Internet connection. You can plug in your laptop and be able to go on the network.
  • Computers can't use these new cables to print documents.

We'll be putting this setup in other labs in the next few weeks.