Tuesday, February 10, 2009

XP Antivirus Malware is Getting Worse

I haven't talked about this in awhile, mostly because I've become busier removing it from computers.  It's now got a new name:  Antivirus 360. But it's still the same old nightmare.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if you told me anything you've seen it do.  So far, there have been cases where:

  • It installs without administrative privileges.
  • It tries to install on a Mac (it won't run, but it downloads and tries to).
  • It hides from your own antivirus.
  • It disables Windows updates.
  • It disables antivirus updates.
  • It prevents cleaning software from doing its job.

Malwarebytes always was the preferred cleaner for infections and was very dependable in cleaning and fixing things.  Not any more. The spyware causes Malwarebytes to hang, and I've had cases where it was not detected in a scan.

A second option is to use SuperAntispyware. It requires a bit more savvy to use, but if Malwarebytes doesn't work, it can do the job for you.  There are also other ways to fix things if you'd rather not use it.

We've set up a web page with cleaning instructions.  It should help you clean your computer. It will be updated as we find new weapons in this battle.