Friday, November 9, 2007

Let's talk about Citrix II -- Library CDs

The simplest applications on Citrix are the ones listed as "Library CDs." These reference books that have been put on CD, which gives you the ability to search through the text for terms of interest. Instead of pulling out a book (a thick book) of data and trying to find things in the index, you can use the CD, and Citrix lets you use it from anywhere, on or off campus.

The CDs currently available are:
  • Anchor Bible Dictionary. A searchable full-text CD of the bible, both the King James and New Revised Standard editions.
  • Civil War. All official Army documents (both Confederate and Union). Battle reports, marching orders, and much more.
  • Civil War Naval. Official reports on Civil War Naval Battles.
  • Encyclopedia of Religion. Reference work on religions and religious figures from around the world.
  • Old Testament Abstracts. A listing of abstracts of articles in Old Testament studies.
  • Past Masters. Works of philosophy, including the complete works of Aristotle, Plato, and various political philosophers.

Obviously, these are not designed for casual browsing; it's quite technical. But if you are doing research in these areas, it's a good way to find information you need from anywhere.