Monday, August 27, 2007

Clip show (

I probably use copy and paste a dozen times a day; it's one of the most useful option on a computer.

But I sometimes have things I want to copy from one computer to another. That usually requires saving the file and moving it via e-mail or other media. is a neat way to transfer data or files from one computer to another via the internet.

It's actually so simple that it's confusing. You can go to their main page for instructions, but the general method is to create your own page on the fly. Just take your web browser and type an URL: for instance, This creates a web page for your files.

It works like a word processor. You can paste text into the blank space. You can also upload files (up to 2 Megs). Then, anyone who goes to the site your created can see and download them. And this is anyone who can find the URL, so it's not good for sensitive materials. But as a quick way to transfer information, it's a nice little service.

You can just paste text into it, and then get it