Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood (Citrix Program Neighborhood)

If you log in to a computer in the I&TS labs, you may see a new login screen:

This is the Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent. It lets you log in to Citrix Applications without logging into Citrix itself via the web.

You log in with your network username and password. The domain is always "sienaservices" (no quotes).

You can ignore it, but it may be useful to log on. Once you have, Citrix applications (SPSS, FARS, Fathom, MapInfo, Library CDs, etc.) will display on your start menu. There will also be an icon in the system tray (near the clock) that lets you access your Citrix applications.
The system tray icon will log you in if you haven't done so already.

Eventually, we will eliminate the need to log in at all, but for now, this is a nice shortcut to applications.