Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Remote Desktop

Here's a nice little tool: Remote Desktop. It lets you connect to a computer from another computer on the network. We've been using it here at Siena I&TS to install software remotely, but it can be used by faculty and staff to access their own PCs from any of the classrooms.

Why? Well, if you have software running on your computer that you want to use in class, it doesn't have to be installed on the classroom computer. This can make the process of using it easier: you don't have to request installation, and there's no issue if you change classrooms.

Once you log in, it's just like logging on to your own computer -- only remotely. Instructions can be found at Siena's Technology Pages.

Note that this can only be used on-campus on the I&TS network; for security reasons, we limit off-campus access. School of Science computers are on a separate network.