Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Citrix on a Mac

Good news for Mac users: Citrix has just released a new client for the Mac that makes using Citrix much easier.

Citrix is a form of virtual computing, where you can run programs remotely. For instance, we have some databases in the library that are open to the Siena community. Instead of having to go down to the library, you can research them from your computer. There's also software (like SPSS) that can be accessed.

This works on the Macintosh, even if they are Windows programs. Since your computer is only a terminal in a Citrix session, the Operating System makes no difference.

The new software can be found on the Citrix site. Once you install and configure it, you can log on the Citrix, and click on any program you see to run it. It will ask to open the program in the Citrix client; once you choose "yes," then the program will run.

Files will be saved in your network "My Documents" folder, and can be downloaded or worked on again through Citrix.