Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Great Profile

Faculty and staff on the I&TS network may occasionally get a message that they have exceeded their profile storage space and they can't log off the computer.

We try to have generous limits on the profile size. However, sometimes software puts data in the profile -- often temporary files that can go elsewhere (peeve) -- that fills up the space quickly. This also occurs at Siena if you download pictures into your profile instead of elsewhere.

To avoid downloading the pictures, save them in the "username pictures" folder in your "My Documents." If you see a folder called "My Pictures" without your username, switch -- this is the one in the profile.

Some software also causes problems with the profile. The most egregious offender is Google Earth. One Google Earth session can seriously mess up your profile as it saves temp files there. However, there is a way to use Google Earth without having a problem. I&TS has developed a file that will clean out your profile when you exit Google Earth, avoiding the issue. If you want to use Google Earth, let us know and we can install it.

You can also clean your profile yourself. Instructions are at the web page. Here's a direct link.